Announcing… “Bar Fight”!

9th May 2012
We can now reveal the name and concept for our game in live development – “Bar Fight”. The game will see our hero, Stunt Guy, filming a furious fight scene in a bar full of hoodlums – think Clint Eastwood in “Any Which Way You Can”…
As well as the fact that it sounds awesome we like this as it’s an opportunity to be reasonably original – there aren’t too many games like this on the App Store. It’s also in-keeping with our Stunt Guy universe with lots of potential for fun, stupidity and silliness! It should also look great as artwork will follow the style of Stunt Guy, if you haven’t seen this yet why not download it now? It’s free!
We’re focusing on ways to make it a casual, mobile gaming experience. We have a few ideas in mind  - gesture-based, turn-based, classic side-scrolling, top-down hack ‘em up –  but your votes will decide which way we go.

Get Yourself in the Brawl!

The setting, of course, will be an epic bar brawl. We’re aiming to have loads of enemies of varying levels and so this is a great opportunity for you to be in the game. Want to name one of the enemies? Great, you should pick up the Cast Member package. Fancy naming a boss? Well grab the Producer package. And if you want to go the whole hog and commission us to create a character in your image then please get in touch and we can tell you about how to have a Starring Role.

Get Involved!


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