You Will Submit!

20th June 2012

As local coffee baristas can attest to we’re frantically prepping Bar Fight Live version 0.1.0 (the first one!) for App Store submission. This ain’t our first rodeo (as Stunt Guy might put it) but there is something about submitting a game to Apple that’s akin to handing in your homework to the head teacher. No matter how many times we go through this process the thought of giving up control of our app for a week or so always creates a frisson of anxiety. Combine that with the genuine excitement for Bar Fight in the studio and the consumption of a slew of caffeinated beverages and you have a team of extremely wired individuals.

I’m hoping that most of you will be reading this after the app has sailed through review and you already have it installed on your iDevice. If so you can be assured that we’re currently going through it all again as we ready the next update.

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