App Icon Development

29th Jun 2012

App Icon Version I
Here’s the first version of the Bar Fight app icon that i worked one. Initially we decided to kept it black and white which worked quite well in the end.

App Icon Version II
The second icon was based on the intro page image to Bar Fight. In this version i decided to add a bit of colour to the icon, to give it a little more depth. However, this version was finally binned as we decided the level of detail was too much given the scale in which the icon would be reproduced.

App Icon Version III 
This is the third and final version of the app icon. Keeping in mind all the lessons from the previous icons, this one punches straight to the point; and in full colour too! WHAMO!  Right in the chops!

V1 App Map Done!

22nd May 2012

Blimey, this live development stuff is really weird… it’s like having a client that you never meet.

So… Dear Client…

Today was a good day, we made some real progress. ’The Getaway’ is nearly finished and we’ve finally nailed-down what the initial release of ‘Bar Fight’ is going to look like.

For the first release of Bar Fight we’re going to keep things nice and simple, essentially it’ll do two things:

On the one hand it’s going to be a bit of a pitch to you – our clients – the kind of thing we might submit as a first set of ideas for a project. It’ll therefore feature a simple prototype, initial concept art and an outline of the game/gameplay.

However this isn’t just about selling the game, it’s also important to us that we use this as an opportunity to give you all a bit of insight into the development process. So we’re planning to kick it off by including some really exclusive content - stuff we’ve never-ever shared before. There’ll be raw art from ‘The Getaway’, storyboards, the development blog and a series of interviews with team members showing how they produce art, code and animations. There’ll also be a series of public votes on the future of the project, we’ll use this (as well as all the nice comments in the app-store) to shape the future of the game – you really will be as much part of the process as we will be.

So, a good day, it’s going to be really exciting, I do hope you’ll join us for the ride!



Stunt Guy The Getaway

15th May 2012

This was one of the earliest drawings of Stunt Guy, which ended up being the basis for the intro page for the Getaway game. Even the little skull was used as a loading spinner! I still love the angle of the car (I don’t usually like drawing cars) ;-)

Done with: Pencil

Bar Fight Birthday!

8th May 2012

Wow, what a day…

12 months ago I very nervously agreed to begin development on our first self-published and self-funded game – Ninja Trials – a decision that scared the hell out of me as it was a total departure for the business. For the first time we’d be stepping outside our comfort zone of safe and dependable work-for-hire contracts and into the wild-west of selling direct to consumers. Nevertheless we boldly stepped into that new world confident in the knowledge that our creative brilliance would lead us to fame and fortune on the app store.

To be honest, Ninja-Trials didn’t set the world alight in terms of sales but it did teach us a hell of a lot and acted as the gateway to other projects such as our massive hit game for Red Bull: Kart Fighter – World Tour.

So,12 months later, I find myself making another decision that I never thought I’d make…

We’ve recently been working on a new bit of original IP, Stunt Guy – The Getaway (basically it takes our previous flash game – Freeway Fallguy – as it’s starting point, adds ridiculous amounts of awesomeness and puts it on iOS!). The game is looking pretty cool at the moment but we still had a question-mark over how we’d promote it if we were going to make any money out of it.

While discussing that problem we kept coming back to the same thing – that what we’re really good at is building fun games that we give away for free and that advertise something else. So… we thought… why not build one game to advertise another??? It seems logical that if advertising a soft drink in a game works then advertising another game should work even better?..

There was only one flaw in the strategy… we only have one game…

We were however confident that there was mileage in a series of “Stunt Guy”games, we just needed to settle on an idea and then get on with building it. Then it occurred to to us that, as an additional element, it might be interesting to develop the second game publicly? We figured that since we’re not really sure what we want the game to be or indeed which elements of the first game would prove to be popular we might as well get the world involved on the decisions – after all, what could possibly go wrong?!

So… more info to follow soon but in a nutshell – in 12 months I’ve gone form being hugely skeptical about risking our own IP in the app store to agreeing to build two games, one of which will be totally free of charge!

My how times change, lets just hope I haven’t gone completely mental!

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