Bar Fight Live – v.0.3.0 Changelog

29th Aug 2012

In our third release of Bar Fight Live, the following items and changes were made to the App:

  • Improvements to game play prototype
  • Improved layout & navigation
  • Improved vote & results
  • Implemented Ping notifications¬†
  • New vote every Friday – alerts user using Ping notifications
  • Changelog feed added
  • More images of artwork added to the gallery
  • Fixes for App Store rejection
  • New revision of the Bar Fight Live logo
  • New app icon
  • Made with more blood sweat, tears and caffeine :)

Bar Fight Live – v.0.2.0 Changelog

22nd Aug 2012

In our second release of Bar Fight Live, the following items were added to the App:

  • Basic game play prototype!
  • Improved voting system – means more things to vote on, more often!
  • New video for supporters – video profile on Paul, our master animator.
  • More gallery images of artwork added
  • Some very clever video caching¬†
  • Minor tweaks based on user feedback
  • Tweaked design of the App navigation and layout

Bar Fight Live – v.0.1.0 Changelog

27th Jul 2012

In our first release of Bar Fight Live, the following items were added to the App:

  • Full menu system in place
  • Scrolling menus implemented
  • Photo gallery with images of artwork
  • Videos for: pitch/introduction, explanation of vote for fight dynamic, and profile video of Kit our Illustrator
  • App detection – to check if our sister App, The Getaway is installed on the device.
  • Pitch slides – explaining the project.
  • InApp Purchases – to get people involved!
  • Badges for supporters
  • Dev Blog feed – displaying the latest news from our Development blog
  • Vote system – to allow users to vote on the important decisions

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