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Did I Just See You on BBC Two – Dragons Den?

Quite possibly, unless it was some other guy who was pitching a banana-powered washing machine? Either way, now that you’re here you should probably install the following games immediately:

But yes, our MD Chris Kempt was on on the show and pitching these mobile games (which are now complete). If you’re interested in learning more about what happened then we’re probably chatting about it on the Kempt Blog

Who is Stunt Guy?

Stunt Guy has never seen a public transport vehicle he couldn’t jump over on a tricycle.
He is a part of the most prolific stunt team in movie history.
You can read all about his crocodile bothering origins here.

Who is Stunt Gal?

Always able to make the best of any situation, Stunt Gal can turn the act of accidentally dropping a fork into a jaw-dropping escape from death.
She is also part of the most prolific stunt team in movie history.
You can read all about her cosmic arrival story here.

Who are The Magnificent Stunts?

The Magnificent Stunts are Stunt Guy and Stunt Gal (AKA Guy Stunt and Gail): the most prolific stunt team in movie history. Together with their pal Ed Mundo, studio runner extraordinaire, The Magnificent Stunts take on the biggest, most dangerous stunts ever committed to celluloid.

What is Stunt Guy – 2.0?

Stunt Guy – 2.0 is a free to play all-action arcade game that puts the user in the daredevil shoes of the Stunt Legend of their choice. Swerve through 40+ levels of freeway traffic with either Stunt Guy or Stunt Gal clinging to the roof. How long can you keep the car in one piece and avoid sending your hero flying onto the blacktop? You can get Stunt Guy – 2.0 for free in the App Store for iPhones and iPads or on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

What is Reg the Roadkill?

That’s an excellent question and frankly we’re not sure, some kind of rodent we think, probably related to a squirrel. Anyway – whatever he is – he’s part of the supporting cast of Stunt Guy 2.0, Stunt Gal and the star of his own self-titled mini-game (which is basically a mildly sadistic version of Frogger) you can get Reg the Roadkill for iPhone/iPad on the App Store for free!

What is Stunt Gal?

Stunt Gal is the final game in the current trilogy of Magnificent Stunts games. It’s an all action arcade/platform/runner game and has been launched as what’s known as a premium game (which means you pay for it) it’s currently pretty cheap though. Assuming people like it (they seem to at the moment) we’re planning to continue developing it over the next year or so and release regular updates. It’s pretty good now but as it becomes bigger and more refines we’ll probably increase the price so frankly you’d be mad not to buy it now! Get Stunt Gal on the App Store (iPhone/iPad)

Where did you get all that gnarly music?

The music in Stunt Guy – 2.0 and Stunt Gal is by the amazing Hey! Hello!, you can get it for your listening pleasure here: Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello! - it rocks harder than… er… a troll?

All other music was produced by us with GarageBand on an iPad, composed through a stereo at the highest possible volume.

Why isn’t your game available on my ……. device?

Unfortunately game development is a very time consuming, costly and risky business. We’ve tried hard to be as inclusive as possible in the past and we do hope to bring the games to other platforms in due course (Stunt Guy 2.0 has already made it on to Android for example) but for the time being, whilst we’re spending our money on the development, it makes sense to focus our efforts on the platforms where we do best. At this point that means that we’re focussed on Apple platforms because they’ve been awesome – we really appreciate their, and their users’ support.

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