Stunt Guy 2.0

Stunt Guy iconStunt Guy 2.0 – Available now on:
Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Stunt Guy 2

Stunt Guy 2.0 – for iOS and Android

The Back-flips, Barrel-rolls and “Fricking Lasers!!! Update – Out now!

Take on the role of Guy or Gail Stunt (AKA Stunt Guy & Stunt Gal) in Stunt Guy: The Getaway 2.0. Hang onto the back of a speeding motorcar, and bash other stunt drivers out of the way, jump off ramps, smash through barricades and cause enough explosive mayhem to satisfy your overly demanding movie director.

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Based on the greatest action movies never made, each copy of Stunt Guy 2.0 comes bundled with these astounding gameplay features:

NEW! Barrel-Rolls, Backflips and “Frickin’ Lasers”!

Also Featuring State of the Art ColouryVision™ Graphics • Complicated Rodent Squashing Algorithms • Super Potential infinite Road Modelling System (S.P.I.R.M.S) • Bi-Directional Uni-Axis Controls (buttons) • Awesome Listenable Music from Hey! Hello! • Cutting Edge 2D Explosion Simulation • Wide Selection of Cars That Look Nothing Like the Cars They’re Based On • Also Available in Betamax**

Available Now on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch* and on Google Play for Android.

*iPhone 4S, iPad 2/Mini or iPod touch (5th gen) or later recommended.
** Not actually available in Betamax.

Check out Hey! Hello! here:


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