Stunt Guy – The Getaway

Stunt Guy: The Getaway was an all-action arcade game that put the user in the daredevil shoes of a grizzled old Hollywood stunt guy. His capacity to injure himself – and come back good as new – is what makes him the best in the business. Its endless-driving gameplay saw you swerving through freeway traffic with Stunt Guy clinging to the roof. How long can you keep the car in one piece and avoid sending our hero flying onto the blacktop?

Stunt Guy is no longer available.

Fancy some Stunt on iOS or Android? Then Check out Stunt Guy 2.0!

Injury of the Day

Nurse Long's Diagnosis:

Inverted Kidneys

Sends everything around the other way. You don't wanna know what happens next. Needless to say, avoid solids...and liquids...and gasses, if you can help it. See a specialist.

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