Stunt Wheels – Mac

Stunt Wheels

Stunt Wheels – for Mac

- “By borrowing heavily from video game racing’s arcade foundations, Stunt Wheels manages to be a fresh and relevant little mobile racer” – 8/10,
- “An action-packed racer with a lot of charm and playability” –
- “Radness. I’m loving Stunt Wheels” – AppSpy

Yes! The Magnificent Stunts are back and this time they’re racing around the backlots and studios of Stuntwood.

Battle to destroy your dastardly stunt rivals; Stunt Guy, Stunt Gail, Mucus, Danger-Susan and Nurse Long… and watch out for oil slicks, TNT and squirrels as you race masses of different cars through beached pirate ships, backflip over huge canyons, barrel-roll through rings of fire and smash your way through the competition with the crazy power ups including: – purple-hot Laser Wang, crushing Monsta Mode, tommy-gun weilding Mob Mode and the almost useless Mole Mode… then do all again to your friends in the revolutionary remote-controlled split screen multiplayer Party Play!


Featuring music from three amazing artists: CJ Wildheart, the Eureka Machines and Slash’s bassist Todd Kerns!

Stunt Wheels

Multiplayer Party Mode

Stunt Wheels Mac debuts a unique multiplayer feature; race your friends by installing the Mac version of Stunt Wheels and use your iOS devices as controllers in split-screen Party Play mode – an App Store First!

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Multiplayer Trailer

Multiplayer Secret Preview

Preview Review

“Skids and power-ups and all that good stuff… A real sense of action and dynamism, and of you creating carnage…
Constantly keeps you on your toes, you’re constantly doing over-the-top, lavish stuff… Laser Wang. Laser Wang! How many games do you know that have got a Laser Wang?… This is a really, really fun game… this has me super excited.”
- Peter Willington, App Spy,


Single Player

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Party Play

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The Music

Featuring music from three amazing artists: CJ Wildheart, the Eureka Machines and Slash’s bassist Todd Kerns!

Trailer theme – “Wide Awake in the American Dream” by Todd Kerns

Injury of the Day

Nurse Long's Diagnosis:

Fractured Elbow

A common complaint among professional Chess Players and Philosophers. Symptoms include uneasiness, bewilderment and general grumpiness. Can easily be re-set with the aid of a pair of pliers.

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