Stunt Wheels – Party Mode

NOTE: These are the instructions for Stunt Wheels Party Play.
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Stunt Wheels Party Mode

So how do you play 4-player, split-screen, iOS-controlled Stunt Wheels on your Mac?
Easy! Here’s how:

• Install Stunt Wheels on a Mac from the App Store and run it.

• Install Stunt Wheels from the App Store on one or more (1-4) iOS devices.

• Ensure all devices are connected to the same wifi network.

• On the iOS devices, connect to the Mac by pressing “Party Play” on the start screen.

• Join the server and begin the game by pressing the green play button on the iOS devices.

• When all players are ready, the game will randomly select from all the cars you’ve unlocked in the single player iOS game and begin a randomly selected race.

• Use your iOS device to steer.

• Enjoy!

Additional info:

• The player names are set in the Options menu of the iOS game.

• The AI difficulty is set in the Options menu of the Mac game.

• If there is more than one Mac server, the iOS controllers can change server by tapping the server IP in the top left of the join screen.

Stunt Wheels Split Screen Gameplay

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