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- “By borrowing heavily from video game racing’s arcade foundations, Stunt Wheels manages to be a fresh and relevant little mobile racer” – 8/10,
- “An action-packed racer with a lot of charm and playability” –
- “Radness. I’m loving Stunt Wheels” – AppSpy

Stunt Wheels (Mobile)

Need a bit of lunatic retro racing action in your pocket? Got an iPhone (or iPad)? Then install this now – it’s free!!!

Stunt Wheels Party!

A premium (but cheap!) multiplayer edition for up to four players published on micro-consoles by our good mates at OUYA, available for Razer Forge TV, Android TV, NVIDIA Shield and Amazon Fire TV.

The Game

Stunt Wheels takes all the best elements of the Magnificent Stunts games and fuses them together to create something quite remarkable – a fantastical, comic-book cum Loony Tunes top down arcade-racer.

Race against a host of familiar characters and watch out for oil slicks, TNT and squirrels as you race masses of different cars through beached pirate ships, backflip over huge canyons, barrel-roll through rings of fire and smash your way through the competition with the crazy power ups including: – purple-hot Laser Wang, crushing Monsta Mode, tommy-gun wielding Mob Mode and the almost useless Mole Mode!

The Trailers

Stunt Wheels – Trailer from Kempt on Vimeo.

Stunt Wheels – Multiplayer Trailer from Kempt on YouTube.

The Reviews

  • “Skids and power-ups and all that good stuff… A real sense of action and dynamism, and of you creating carnage…
    Constantly keeps you on your toes, you’re constantly doing over-the-top, lavish stuff… Laser Wang. Laser Wang! How many games do you know that have got a Laser Wang?… This is a really, really fun game… this has me super excited.”
  • “possibly the silliest game we’ve ever made”

The AppSpy Preview

The Music

Featuring music from three amazing artists: CJ Wildheart, the Eureka Machines and Slash’s bassist Todd Kerns!

Trailer theme – “Wide Awake in the American Dream” by Todd Kerns

The Press

“could be the best racer on the system” – Richie at GamingLives
“The “ö” in “Smörgåsbord” always looks so shocked at how cool a word “smörgåsbord” is” - Peter at PocketGamer
Stunt Wheel’s goofiness and sense of action really set it apart from other racing games,” – 148Apps

Launch News:
“Out at midnight” on PocketGamer
iPhone Games Coming Tonight” at Toucharcade
GamingSoon” from AppAdvice

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